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Movement Disorder Society-Sponsored Revision of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (MDS-UPDRS): Scale Presentation and Clinimetric Testing Results
Movement Disorders (2008)
  • Christopher G. Goetz
  • Barbara C. Tilley, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Stephanie R. Shaftman, Medical University of South Carolina
  • Glenn T. Stebbins
  • Stanley Fahn, Columbia University
  • Pablo Martinez-Martin
  • Werner Poewe
  • Cristina Sampaio
  • Matthew B. Stern, University of Pennsylvania
  • Richard Dodel
  • Bruno Dubois
  • Robert Holloway, University of Rochester
  • Joseph Jankovic, Baylor College of Medicine
  • Jamie Kulisevsky
  • Anthony E. Lang, University of Toronto
  • Andrew Lees
  • Sue Leurgans
  • Peter A. LeWitt, Wayne State University
  • David Nyenhuis
  • C. Warren Olanow
  • Olivier Rascol
  • Anette Schrag
  • Jeanne A. Teresi, Columbia University
  • Jacobus J. van Hilten, Leiden University
  • Nancy LaPelle, University of Massachusetts
  • P. Agarwal
  • S. Athar
  • Y. Bordelan
  • H. M. Bronte-Stewart
  • R. Camicioli
  • K. Chou
  • W. Cole
  • A. Dalvi
  • H. Delgado
  • A. Diamond
  • J. P. Dick
  • J. Duda
  • Rodger J. Elble, Southern Illinois University
  • C. Evans
  • V. G. Evidente
  • H. H. Fernandez
  • S. Fox
  • J. H. Friedman
  • R. D. Fross
  • D. Gallagher
  • D. Hall
  • N. Hermanowicz
  • V. Hinson
  • S. Horn
  • H. Hurtig
  • U. J. Kang
  • G. Kleiner-Fisman
  • O. Klepitskaya
  • K. Kompoliti
  • E. C. Lai
  • M. L. Leehey
  • I. Leroi
  • K. E. Lyons
  • T. McClain
  • S. W. Metzer
  • J. Miyasaki
  • J. C. Morgan
  • M. Nance
  • J. Nemeth
  • R. Pahwa
  • S. A. Parashos
  • J. S. Schneider
  • S. Jay
  • K. Sethi
  • L. M. Schulman
  • A. Siderowf
  • M. Silverdale
  • T. Simuni
  • M. Stacy
  • Matthew B. Stern, University of Pennsylvania
  • R. M. Stewart
  • Kelly L. Sullivan, Georgia Southern University
  • D. M. Swope
  • P. M. Wadia
  • R. W. Walker
  • R. Walker
  • William J. Weiner, University of Maryland
  • J. Wiener
  • J. Wilkinson
  • J. M. Wojcieszek
  • S. Wolfrath
  • F. Wooten
  • A. Wu
  • Theresa A. Zesiewicz, University of South Florida
  • R. M. Zweig
We present a clinimetric assessment of the Movement Disorder Society (MDS)-sponsored revision of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (MDS-UPDRS). The MDS-UDPRS Task Force revised and expanded the UPDRS using recommendations from a published critique. The MDS-UPDRS has four parts, namely, I: Non-motor Experiences of Daily Living; II: Motor Experiences of Daily Living; III: Motor Examination; IV: Motor Complications. Twenty questions are completed by the patient/caregiver. Item-specific instructions and an appendix of complementary additional scales are provided. Movement disorder specialists and study coordinators administered the UPDRS (55 items) and MDS-UPDRS (65 items) to 877 English speaking (78% non-Latino Caucasian) patients with Parkinson's disease from 39 sites. We compared the two scales using correlative techniques and factor analysis. The MDS-UPDRS showed high internal consistency (Cronbach's alpha = 0.79-0.93 across parts) and correlated with the original UPDRS (rho = 0.96). MDS-UPDRS across-part correlations ranged from 0.22 to 0.66. Reliable factor structures for each part were obtained (comparative fit index > 0.90 for each part), which support the use of sum scores for each part in preference to a total score of all parts. The combined clinimetric results of this study support the validity of the MDS-UPDRS for rating PD.
  • Parkinson's disease,
  • Rating scales,
  • UPDRS,
  • Clinimetrics
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Christopher G. Goetz, Barbara C. Tilley, Stephanie R. Shaftman, Glenn T. Stebbins, et al.. "Movement Disorder Society-Sponsored Revision of the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (MDS-UPDRS): Scale Presentation and Clinimetric Testing Results" Movement Disorders Vol. 23 Iss. 15 (2008) p. 2129 - 2170
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