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Nonmotor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease
Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics (2006)
  • Kelly L. Sullivan, University of South Florida
  • Theresa A. Zesiewicz, University of South Florida
  • Robert A. Hauser, University of South Florida
Nonmotor symptoms occur commonly in Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients and are frequently under-recognized and undertreated. Symptoms include sleep abnormalities, fatigue, autonomic disturbances, mood disorders and cognitive dysfunction. Early recognition and treatment of nonmotor symptoms in PD is critical to providing optimal management. A new screening questionnaire and the revised Unified PD Rating Scale should assist healthcare providers to better identify and evaluate these symptoms. This article reviews the identification and treatment of nonmotor symptoms in PD.
  • Non-motor symptoms,
  • Parkinson's disease
Publication Date
December 6, 2006
Citation Information
Kelly L. Sullivan, Theresa A. Zesiewicz and Robert A. Hauser. "Nonmotor Symptoms in Parkinson’s Disease" Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics Vol. 6 Iss. 12 (2006) p. 1811 - 1822 ISSN: 1744-8360
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