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Addressing Water Related Extension Programming With a Statewide Water Issues Team
Spring Runoff Conference
  • Nancy Mesner, Utah State University
  • Rick Hefelbower
  • Robert Hill
  • John Harrison
  • Kelly Kopp
Space Dynamics Laboratory
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Start Date
3-25-2004 11:15 AM
End Date
3-25-2004 11:30 AM
Utah State University Extension has formed a Statewide Water Issues Team to help address the multitude of water related issues that arise within Utah. Issue based programming allows for more efficient responses to emerging concerns and allows for continuity of effort as personnel change over time. The team is comprised of specialists (faculty members with Extension appointments) and county agents with an interest in water related programming. In its first year (2002), the team worked primarily on responses to the drought, developing a centralized web site (, 15 extension bulletins on drought and water management in agricultural, urban and home environments, and a series of workshops for large water users on more efficient water management. The team continues to address urban and agricultural irrigation and landscaping issues, and is now also working actively in areas of water quality, providing programming and assistance in environmental management systems, in watershed monitoring and management, assisting small acreage homeowners in protecting water and soil resources, and developing youth programming and educational curricula. This poster will highlight USU Extension’s efforts in transferring research-based water science and technology from the university to the community.
Citation Information
Nancy Mesner, Rick Hefelbower, Robert Hill, John Harrison, et al.. "Addressing Water Related Extension Programming With a Statewide Water Issues Team" (2004)
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