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Unpublished Paper
Diversity Analysis of Challenge Day: Examination of the Outcomes of Diversity Training
  • Kelly Liane Glick, Bowling Green State University

The purpose of this paper was to use a synthesis of peer-reviewed research articles to investigate the effectiveness and learning outcomes of various forms of diversity training for pre-service, and more specifically, in-service teachers. The literature reveals limited research related to the benefits and learning outcomes of diversity training for practicing K-12 teachers. Bolman and Deal’s (1997) four frames model, Vaara et al.’s (2004) framework for discourse analysis, and Challenge Day’s website were used to analyze the organization’s diversity and potential for use as diversity training for teachers within K-12 schools. I examined my positionality of Challenge Day and the effectiveness of the program using Milner’s (2007) framework and made recommendations for organizational improvement. This paper supports the need for additional research on diversity training for practicing teachers, including a study on the effectiveness of Challenge Day as a form of diversity training to determine the impact on teacher awareness of bias and acceptance of student diversity.

  • Challenge Day,
  • diversity,
  • teachers,
  • training,
  • outcomes
Publication Date
Summer July 29, 2014
Citation Information
Kelly Liane Glick. "Diversity Analysis of Challenge Day: Examination of the Outcomes of Diversity Training" (2014)
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