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About Kelly Liane Glick

As a second year doctoral student in the Leadership Studies program at Bowling Green State University, I am interested in evaluating the effectiveness of professional development opportunities available to inservice teachers. More specifically, I am interested in examining the impact of programs such as Challenge Day and Trauma Informed Care (TIC) training on educator dispositions toward at-risk and diverse students. As a former Guidance Counselor and current Middle School Assistant Principal, I have coordinated 41 Challenge Day programs, over 11 years, serving over 4100 students and 820 adults. TIC training will be provided for over 800 employees in my school district during the 2015-2016 school year.
The current focus of my research is the adult perception of their dispositions, including self-awareness, and relationships with diverse students after attending the professional development. At this stage in the research, I am defining adult dispositions as the feelings, attitudes, beliefs, and preferences that result in the tendency to respond or behave in specific ways (Eberly, Rand, & O’Connor, 2007).


Present Assistant Principal, Donnell Middle School Findlay, Ohio

Curriculum Vitae


Present Bowling Green State University - Main Campus