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About Keke Chen

I direct the Data-Intensive Analysis and Computing (DIAC) Lab in the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing (the Kno.e.sis Center), at Wright State University. Before joining Wright State, I was a senior scientist in Yahoo! Labs during 2006-2008. I received my Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the College of Computing, Georgia Tech, in 2006.
I am interested in topics related to data intensive computing and analysis, including but not limited to: Secure and Privacy-Preserving Computing, Databases, Data Mining, Scalable Learning Algorithms, Visual Analytics, and Web Science, Learning to Rank, Ranking Function Adaptation, Anti-Spamming, and Social Computing.


Present Associate Professor, Wright State University Computer Science and Engineering
Present Director, Data-Intensive Analysis and Computing (DIAC) Lab, Wright State University Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-Enabled Computing (Kno.e.sis)

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385 Joshi Research Center
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy
Dayton, OH 45435


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