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Corporate governance in Bangladesh: Link between ownership and financial performance
Corporate governance: An international review (2007)
  • Omar Al Farooque, University of New England
  • Tony van Zijl, Victoria University of Wellington
  • Keitha Dunstan, Victoria University of Wellington
  • A. K. M. Waresul Karim, Victoria University of Wellington

This paper investigates empirically the effect of board ownership on firm performance in Bangladesh. By estimating single equation and simultaneous equation models on an unbalanced pooled sample of listed firms, it offers some new insight into the ownership-performance link in Bangladesh. Building on extant literature, it examines the ownership-performance relationship in an emerging market economy considering ownership as exogenous and as endogenous. The latter approach is favoured as recent empirical evidence shows that ownership and performance are endogenously determined and there is either a reverse-way or two-way causality relationship between the two. While OLS regression analysis indicates a linear and non-linear relationship between board ownership and performance, this disappears when 2-SLS estimation of a simultaneous equation model is carried out. Instead, a reverse causality relationship emerges. Other governance and control variables appear to have effects consistent with the literature. These results suggest a need to strengthen the internal control mechanisms within listed firms in Bangladesh.

  • emerging markets,
  • board ownership,
  • financial performance,
  • exogeneity,
  • endogeneity,
  • mono-directional non-monotonic causal relation,
  • reverse-way causality
Publication Date
November 1, 2007
Publisher Statement
Interim status: Citation only.

Farooque, O.A., van Zijl, T., Dunstan, K. & Karim, A. K. M. W. (2007). Corporate governance in Bangladesh: Link between ownership and financial performance. Corporate governance: An international review, 15(6), 1453-1468.

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© Copyright Omar Al Farooque, Tony Van Zijl, Keitha Dunstan & AKM Waresul Karim, 2007
Citation Information
Omar Al Farooque, Tony van Zijl, Keitha Dunstan and A. K. M. Waresul Karim. "Corporate governance in Bangladesh: Link between ownership and financial performance" Corporate governance: An international review Vol. 15 Iss. 6 (2007)
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