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About Adjunct Professor Keith R Skamp

Adjunct Professor Keith R Skamp BSc(Hons)(Syd) DipEd(Syd) MEd(NE) PhD(Syd)
Keith is an Adjunct Professor in the School of Education and a member of the Emeritus Faculty. His areas of specialization are science and environmental/sustainability education and research methodology and he lectured in undergraduate and graduate units for many years in these areas. 
Keith was involved in the professional development of primary and secondary teachers at state, national and international levels for many years. He still continues his collaboration as a consultant for the Australian Academy of Science’s Primary Connections project and is currently (2017-18) a Research Management Team Member for the UTS evaluation of Primary Connections.
Keith is an Emeritus member of the Australasian Science Education Research Association (ASERA) for his services to ASERA; he has also received the SCU VC Award for Excellence and Achievement (Teaching and Learning) (2003) and the ‘Distinguished Service Award’ from the Australian Science Teachers’ Association (2002). 

Keith’s research focuses on science and environmental/sustainability education and he has published widely in these areas. Major publications include: 

·         Editor and main writer of the successful text Teaching Primary Science Constructively (Cengage: 6th edition, 2018). This book has sold over 25,000 copies and has been the recommended text in about 20 universities;
·         A significant research report titled Teaching Primary Science: Trial-teacher feedback on the implementation of Primary Connections and the 5E model (AAS: Canberra, 2012);
·         A Critical review of current international best practice and research evidence regarding the implementation of EE and EfS K-12 (since 1990) (NSW Department of Education and Training: 2009) (incorporating a series of recommendations for implementing EfS); and
·         A report for the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage, A review of air quality community education. (ARIES: 2007)

Keith has numerous refereed journal publications (>70), many in internationally recognized research journals. He continues to research and publish in these journals in the fields of science and sustainability education; Keith also has well over 40 other publications.
Over the years Keith:
·         obtained a steady and sustained flow of external research and consultancy funds (related to science and environmental/sustainability education projects;
·         accepted invitations to complete research-based consultancies;
·         presented research-based keynote conference addresses and research seminars at many international universities;
·         given over 50 presentations, mainly at international conferences;
·         been an external examiner of many doctoral theses from a wide range of Australian and international universities.
Keith’s main research and scholarly contributions to science education and environmental education include: 
• Identification of key variables in primary and secondary students’ understanding of, and willingness to take actions related to, air quality and global warming. 
• A scholarly critique of pedagogy which facilitates constructivist learning for primary school learners of science and the preparation of their preservice and practicing teachers to engage with this pedagogy; 
• The description of a research-based explanatory model for the development of preservice teachers’ perceptions of effective teachers of primary science; 
• Recommendations made to the NSW Department of Education and Training: 
(1) of evidence-based conceptual schema underpinning its primary science (and technology) syllabus; and
(2) of foundations for an evidence-based framework for ‘Educating for Sustainability’ in NSW schools; 
• Interpretations and insights to assist in understanding teachers’ approaches to using outdoor learning areas (called learnscapes) for environmental purposes.


Present Adjunct Professor, Southern Cross University School of Education


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