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Coaching Mobility (Volume I in the Good Business Series)
Diversity and Inclusion (2013)
  • Keith Harrison, University of Central Florida

This report provides an overview and analysis of coaching mobility patterns in the National Football League (NFL). Coaching and employment mobility patterns of individuals from various racial and ethnic groups in professional and college sport have received significant recent attention in the popular press as well as in scholarly spaces. In an ever-increasing diverse and inclusive society, coaching mobility patterns are a timely issue—an issue that is as much about business strategy and success as the issue is about the historical, sociological and cultural impact of hiring and maintaining a diverse workforce. This report examines fifty years of human resource data (1963-2012) provided by the NFL relating to the mobility patterns of NFL coaches, and offers practical recommendations with respect to further improvements to current diversity and inclusion business practices implemented by the NFL and individual NFL teams. Many companies, organizations and institutions present compelling evidence that creating a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only better for everyone involved but also is simply good business in terms of achieving strategic objectives.

Publication Date
May, 2013
Citation Information
Keith Harrison. "Coaching Mobility (Volume I in the Good Business Series)" Diversity and Inclusion Vol. 1 (2013)
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