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Apple iPad Cart
  • Gregory Keith Bartley, Jr., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Brandon J Horvath
Utilizing a Pelican Accessories Case, I was able to construct a power efficient, mobile iPad charging station cart capable of safely charging and transporting up to 10 iPads and 10 iPad Keyboards with additional compartments to accommodate any additional cords and/or devices. The introduction of WiFi Sync in Apple's iOS 5 Update allowed me to more efficiently compartmentalize any cords from being exposed. Compared to commercially-available iPad Sync and Cart Charging Systems which charge $1000+, this unit cost me around $100. It also uses far less power, due to no longer needing a powered USB hub network in order to sync and charge 10+ iPads. It is much simpler in its design and function, allowing remote access syncing via Wi-Fi without even opening the case. Charging is simple, and only requires plugging in the iPads respective cord which emits from the central power hub compartmentalized and hidden at the bottom of the case. In order to provide power the hub, you need only to plug in one cord into a standard outlet. The central power hub also protects the iPads from dangerous surges of electricity.
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  • Apple,
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Publication Date
Fall September 1, 2011
Citation Information
Gregory Keith Bartley and Brandon J Horvath. "Apple iPad Cart" (2011)
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