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Graphic Design - 2009 Career Day Visit - The University of Tennessee
  • Gregory Keith Bartley, Jr., University of Tennessee, Knoxville
This is a graphic design piece that I constructed for a Career Day visit hosted by our department. Most, if not all of the design and artwork was performed in Photoshop using advanced Layering and Masking Techniques, taking advantage of silhouettes from pictures supplied to me by undergraduate students in the program of interest. This poster was printed at the largest size our University Graphic Printer would allow, so it is meant to be viewed at a very large resolution, so extensive panning may be required when viewing it on a standard computer screen.
  • graphic design,
  • photoshop,
  • art,
  • layers,
  • poster
Publication Date
Fall October 1, 2009
Citation Information
Gregory Keith Bartley. "Graphic Design - 2009 Career Day Visit - The University of Tennessee" (2009)
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