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Logical and Physical Necessities: The Equivalence
  • Kedar Joshi
The phenomena that seem to be logical unnecessities (i.e. logically unnecessary or logically not necessary), such as gravity, should not be defined as physical necessities (i.e. physically necessary), for such definition implies the view that such phenomena are impossible to physically not exist or to physically exist in a different way; and such view, or such impossibility, seems perfectly invalid. Very specifically, gravity, as a coordination or a programme, may be changed (where the gravitational constant would be different from what it is now) or ended (where the gravitational constant would be zero)… Anything that is logically necessary is physically necessary and anything that is logically unnecessary is physically unnecessary. Logical and physical necessities and unnecessities always go hand in hand.

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Kedar Joshi. "Logical and Physical Necessities: The Equivalence" (2011)
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