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Astrology, Quantum Physics and Subjective Idealism
  • Kedar Joshi
Astrological phenomena seem to be a result of unusual coordination between some of the planetary and stellar objects and earthly affairs, the sort of coordination appearing in phenomena such as wave-particle duality and quantum non-locality… If quantum mechanics is a science, astrology too may be a science. Further, astrology, like phenomena such as wave-particle duality, seems astonishingly convincingly true (though it is important here to note that astrology, like any other natural phenomenon such as gravity or quantum non-locality, does not seem to be logically and physically necessary), but at the same time it seems that the stars and planets cannot influence human affairs to the level expected by astrology. What can then be said is that the stars and planets, like any other spatial bodies, are mere (conceptual) objects in the universal non-spatial computer program, which could be considered as a modern, computational description of subjective idealism, the theory that seems most convincing in explaining phenomena like wave-particle duality and quantum non-locality… The worst of all superstitions may be that astrology is a superstition.

Image By: Limbourg brothers [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  • Astrology,
  • Quantum Physics,
  • Quantum Mechanics,
  • Subjective Idealism,
  • Wave-Particle Duality,
  • Quantum Non-locality,
  • Superstition,
  • Occult Sciences
Publication Date
April 1, 2012
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Kedar Joshi. "Astrology, Quantum Physics and Subjective Idealism" (2012)
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