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Consciousness: A Non-Spatial Physical Thing
  • Kedar Joshi
Consciousness is most certainly a real event or phenomenon. A real event or phenomenon cannot exist without the existence of some real, physical substance or thing. Consciousness, however, in logical or conceptual terms, is, self-evidently, absolutely distinct from any possible spatial structure or system; most undeniably, no knowledge of any possible spatial structure or system can give the knowledge of consciousness, the knowledge of what it is really like seeing the colour red for example. Furthermore, if A, in logical or conceptual terms, is absolutely distinct from B, A cannot be physically identical to B. Consciousness is, therefore, a non-spatial physical thing. In other words, consciousness is a thing which is physical and non-spatial.

Image: By Robert Fludd [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
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Publication Date
October, 2011
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Kedar Joshi. "Consciousness: A Non-Spatial Physical Thing" (2011)
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