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Electronic teaching evaluation: Student perceptions and teacher responses
Education technology solutions
  • Shelley Kinash, Bond University
  • Vishen Naidu, Bond University
  • Kayleen Wood, Bond University
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Kinash, S., Naidu, V., & Wood, K. (2012). Electronic teaching evaluation: Student perceptions and teacher responses. Education technology solutions, 48, 60-62.

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© Copyright Education Technology Solutions, 2012

Extract:One of the most important ways of evaluating teachers and education is by asking the students. Near the end of each semester, university students (and an increasing number of primary and secondary students) are handed forms to evaluate their teachers and classes. Learners indicate extent of agreement with statements such as – my educator helps me understand difficult concepts. There is a comment box for students who wish to elaborate. Student evaluation of teaching is important because it provides an indication of whether teacher intentions are meeting the mark with students. Many constructive ideas for positive changes come from the learners themselves.
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Shelley Kinash, Vishen Naidu and Kayleen Wood. "Electronic teaching evaluation: Student perceptions and teacher responses" Education technology solutions Vol. 48 (2012) p. 60 - 62
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