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Appropriation of Evil: Cooperation‟s Mirror Image
Theological Studies (2000)
  • M. Cathleen Kaveny, Boston College Law School

The author argues that the category of cooperation of evil needs to be supplemented by a new category of appropriation of evil. Cooperation focuses on agents who must decide whether to perform an act that contributes to the morally objectionable action of another. In contrast, appropriation concentrates on the “mirror image” problem faced by agents who must decide whether to make use of the fruits of another agent’s morally objectionable action. She suggests that the new category better illuminates problems involved in research using fetal tissue obtained from elective abortions, the purchase of goods made in sweatshops, and some affiliations between Catholic health care facilities and those that perform procedures prohibited by the Ethical and Religious Directives.

Publication Date
May, 2000
Citation Information
M. Cathleen Kaveny. "Appropriation of Evil: Cooperation‟s Mirror Image" Theological Studies Vol. 61 (2000)
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