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Foursquare for Libraries: Your Users are Ready to Check In!
American Library Association Annual Conference
  • Katy Kelly, University of Dayton
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Anaheim, CA
Libraries can use Foursquare to reward frequent visitors. Using mobile phones to check in, visitors use Foursquare to share their locations with friends as well as unlock special offers available at a location. Frequent visitors can become "mayors," thanks to algorithms, and locations can reward their mayors as they see fit. Our student government association suggested a semester-long contest for the chance to win a highly-coveted individual study room in the library during finals week. The library answered this request and hosted the contest with Foursquare. After launching the "V.I.P. Room" deal, check-ins at the library on Foursquare increased 992%. Foursquare provides graphic representation of visitor data and participation rates for each promotion. This information, combined with anecdotal feedback collected in-person and via Twitter, proved our Foursquare initiative to be popular with students. This poster session will describe the steps to set up a presence on Foursquare, offer suggestions for effective check-in incentives (based on number of visitors who unlocked a deal), and elaborate on the campus partnerships that grew from the Foursquare initiative.
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Katy Kelly. "Foursquare for Libraries: Your Users are Ready to Check In!" American Library Association Annual Conference (2012)
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