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Incivility in Nursing Education: Generational Differences
Teaching and Learning in Nursing (2018)
  • Katrice Ziefle, St. Catherine University
The purpose of this study was to investigate differences in the experiences of incivility of 2 generations of associate degree nursing faculty. A quantitative study was conducted using the Incivility in Nursing Education Survey to determine whether a difference exists between Baby Boomer (n = 50) and Generation X (n = 21) faculty's experience of incivility. Results indicate significant difference in reported student disruption, frequency of disruptive student behaviors, and number of student threats reported by the 2 generations.
  • Incivility,
  • Generational differences,
  • Nursing,
  • Faculty
Publication Date
Winter January, 2018
Citation Information
Katrice Ziefle. "Incivility in Nursing Education: Generational Differences" Teaching and Learning in Nursing (2018)
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