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The Nature of Change and Innovation in Five Innovative Schools
The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal
  • David C. Dibbon, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Katina Pollock, Western University
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In this study we investigated the change processes in five innovative Canadian schools to determine why these schools were innovative. To better answer these questions we used a mixed-methods methodology to: (1) examine the initiation, implementation and institutionalization of change and innovation, (2) investigate the nature of professional learning, (3) investigate how being a part of a virtual community facilitates collaborative (organizational) learning; (4) assess the impact that being part of a national Network has had on participating schools, and, (5) study the nature of leadership in these innovative schools. The paper outlines what we have learned about innovation and change from these schools and how they were able to move innovative ideas about teaching and the integration of ICT into everyday practice (implementation).

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Dibbon, D., & Pollock, K. (2007). The nature of change and innovation in five innovative schools.The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 12(1), 1–13. Retrieved from