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The Four Pillars of Innovation: An Elementary School Perspective
The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal
  • Katina Pollock, Western University
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This article describes a study that identifies the innovative characteristics of an elementary, Information & Communication Technology (ICT) school. Using Douglas Watt’s (2002) Four Pillars of Innovation, it explores how innovation occurs in an elementary setting. Watt’s Four Pillar framework has been used to identify processes of innovative high schools, but not elementary schools, within the Network of Innovative Schools (NIS). The qualitative data used for this particular study was generated from a larger mixed methodology study that focused on the change process in innovative Canadian schools (both elementary and secondary) that are a part of the NIS program (Dibbon & Pollock, 2007).

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Pollock, K. (2008). The four pillars of innovation: An elementary school perspective.The Public Sector Innovation Journal, 13(2), 2–20. Retrieved from