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Reflections on Teaching in a Wireless Laptop Lab
International Journal of Instructional Media
  • William A. Beasley, Cleveland State University
  • Kathyanne W. Dobda, Cleveland State University
  • Lih-Ching Chen Wang, Cleveland State University
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Laptop computers equipped with wireless network accessibility are increasingly common in college and university settings. Their presence has brought about significant changes in the way instruction is planned and delivered. Teaching with wireless laptops differs in a number of respects from teaching with more traditional computer technology, and faculty often fail to anticipate some of the practical issues involved. This article will discuss the experiences of three university teaching professionals (two faculty members and a librarian) with a total of five years of experience in teaching with wireless laptop computers in a variety of settings. The authors will provide recommendations based on their own experiences for others wishing to follow a similar path.
Citation Information
Beasley, W., Dobda, K. W., & Wang, L. C. (2005). Reflections on teaching in a wireless laptop lab. International Journal of Instructional Media, 32(4), 343-352.