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Engaging Faculty to Foster a Culture of Assessment
SoTL Commons Conference
  • Melissa K. Garno, Georgia Southern University
  • Kathy Thornton, Georgia Southern University
Proposal Abstract
Competency of an educator is not limited to teaching skills and content expertise. As important as designing and delivering effective educational experiences is skillful and reflective evaluation of student achievement. Faculty must understand valid assessment practices and value the information that well-designed assessments provide. Our process of establishing a culture of assessment included two main foci, establishing working teams and providing development opportunities. The School of Nursing developed unique initiatives to promote a focus on student learning within our discipline. Goals were identified, strategies developed, and faculty development opportunities were provided. Emphasis was placed on greater faculty inclusion in the assessment process. With continued education and engagement in assessment practices, the focus began shifting from teacher-centered effectiveness to student-centered learning. Consequently, assessment practices have become tied to faculty success in teaching, scholarship, and service. Teaching was improved when the assessment process was used to inform faculty of both student learning and teaching effectiveness. Opportunities were created to engage in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). Service roles were created through engaging in newly formed committees focused on assessment. Cultural adoption has been evidenced through increased faculty collaboration, valid assessment of student learning, and improved ownership of the curriculum.
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Melissa K. Garno and Kathy Thornton. "Engaging Faculty to Foster a Culture of Assessment" (2015)
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