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Project management issues in IT offshore outsourcing
International Journal of e-Collaboration
  • Kathy Schwaig, Kennesaw State University
  • Stephen Gillam, Accenture
  • Elke M. Leeds, Kennesaw State University
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Global partnerships are forming to take advantage of the cost savings associated with offshoring as well as other strategic benefits. Not all information technology offshoring projects, however, are successful. Cost overruns, increased complexity and defective code cause organizations to rethink their offshoring strategy and their methods for managing these projects. In this paper, project management issues associated with offshore information technology outsourcing projects are identified and specific recommendations for addressing these issues are presented.
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Schwaig, Kathy Stewart, Stephen H. Gillam, and Elke Leeds. "Project management issues in IT offshore outsourcing." International Journal of e-Collaboration 2.4 (2006): 53-73.