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Sustainability: Essentials for Business
  • Scott T. Young, DePaul University
  • Kathy (Kanwalroop) Dhanda, Sacred Heart University
This survey text provides a treatment of the relationship between business and sustainability. Part I provides readers with a foundation for developing a clear understanding of the major issues confronting our natural resources, such as wasted resources and polluted environments. Part II, Renewable Resources, discusses natural resources such as air, water, forests, soil, biodiversity, and energy to provide students with a starting point so that the later chapters on environmental challenges can be framed within an appropriate context. Part III, Stakeholder Interest and Choices, presents stakeholder perspectives such as the role of consumers, the role of corporations, and the role of governments and NGOs. This section also includes a comprehensive discussion of strategies and frameworks used to understand and implement sustainability. Part IV, Strategies for a Sustainable Future, presents chapters on reporting and measurement, carbon markets, the design of sustainable cities, and green marketing.,
  • Business,
  • Sustainability,
  • Natural resources,
  • Stakeholder perspectives,
  • Environment
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Scott T. Young and Kathy (Kanwalroop) Dhanda. Sustainability: Essentials for Business. (2013)
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