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Article Two Warranties in Commercial Transactions: An Update
Law Faculty Scholarly Articles
  • Kathryn L. Moore, University of Kentucky College of Law
  • Debra L. Goetz
  • Douglas E. Perry
  • David S. Rabb
In 1978 the Cornell Law Review published a Special Project devoted to Article Two commercial warranties. Nine years have since elapsed, and we have decided to update and reassess this important area of the law. We have discovered that although judicial treatment of many aspects of Article Two warranty law has remained stable, in some instances the courts' treatment has progressed and in other instances it has become unclear. This Special Project is our attempt to assemble these changes, interpret the progress, and suggest new lines of analysis to clarify areas of conflict.
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Cornell Law Review, Vol. 72, No. 6 (September 1987), pp. 1159-1329

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Debra L. Goetz, Kathryn L. Moore, Douglas E. Perry & David S. Rabb, Special Project, Article Two Warranties in Commercial Transactions: An Update, 72 Cornell L. Rev. 1159 (1987).