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The Outsider Within: The Radical, Not-So-Scary Feminist Jurisprudence of Ann Scales
Denver University Law Review
  • Kathryn Abrams, Berkeley Law
Publication Date
In her aspirations for the law, in the methods by which she exhorted readers to engender change, in her unique, transgressive, often outrageous voice, Ann Scales was the consummate "outsider." But she also understood the importance of engaging those who could make change possible. Thus Ann not only spoke truth to power, but also knew how to communicate it in registers that legal decision makers could at least sometimes apprehend. This Essay explores the work of Ann Scales in both "outsider" and "insider" modes, and examines the ways her teachings resonate in contemporary controversies over abortion and military service.
Citation Information
91 Denv. U. L. Rev. 23 (2013)