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About Kathryn Hird

Since graduation Professor Kathryn Hird has pursued research into acquired and developmental communication, voice and swallowing sciences and disorders. This motivation together with her 10 years of clinical skills has resulted in acquisition of skills in the domains of speech science, rehabilitation, and the neurobiological underpinnings of skill acquisition and new learning. Together with her fellow researchers they have developed a novel and objective approach to the analysis of natural speech samples as a window to underlying cognitive and motor speech skills. This technique has been applied to research projects involving new perspectives on development of speech and language in children, stuttering, aphasia, dementia, multilingual speakers and speaker behaviours in conversational pairs. In addition she has been involved in research investigating the impact of high dose fish oil on infants cognitive development.


Present Professor and Associate Dean (Medical Science), The University of Notre Dame Australia School of Medicine, Fremantle

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Professor Kathryn Hird
Professor and Associate Dean (Medical Science)School of Medicine, Fremantle Campus


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