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When breastfeeding is beset by stormy seas
Meyers Primary Care Institute Publications and Presentations
  • Barbara L. Philipp
  • Kathleen E. Walsh, University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • Anne Merewood
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Department of Pediatrics; Meyers Primary Care Institute
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Breast Feeding

An exclusively breastfed newborn may normally lose less than 7% of birth weight during the first few days of life. A weight loss of over 7% requires careful assessment of mother and child. The following mnemonic (SAILBOAT) is a handy tool that offers a differential diagnosis for recalling the possibilities that may cause above-average weight loss.

Philipp BL, Walsh K, Merewood A. When breastfeeding is beset by stormy seas. Contemporary Pediatrics 2003;8:112.
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Barbara L. Philipp, Kathleen E. Walsh and Anne Merewood. "When breastfeeding is beset by stormy seas" Vol. 8 (2003)
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