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About Kathleen Starr Vagt

I was trained at Mendocino School of Massage in Advanced Healing Arts and at Sonoma State University in Hypnotherapy and have been working in these fields since 1992. Since that time my practice has expanded to numerous other modalities. Located in Ukiah, California, I am also a part-time assistant to Dr. Lee Vagt, D.C., working in the field of Applied Kinesiology and Nutritional Supplement Counseling.

In a separate practice as a life coach, I assist all types of people throughout the world and specialize in women's issues. Due to my background, I take a holistic approach to life coaching and address physical as well as emotional and spiritual dimensions of my clients' life issues.

My training and practice has included acupressure, hand and foot reflexology, Polarity Therapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, hot rock treatments, lymphatic drainage massage, spa treatments, Kaya Regeneration Therapy, aqua therapy and hypnotherapy.

In the year 2011, I began a several year study with Mahendra Kumar Trivedi, which has culminated in intensive training in the Trivedi Effect®. Subsequently, I joined a seven-person-team of practitioners who participated in a scientific project to study the efficacy of this biofield energy healing treatment. The positive laboratory results of this many-phased project are being reviewed and one has already been accepted for publication. Our group work is part of a much larger project of extensive research conducted by Mr. Trivedi.

I have also observed the effects of the Trivedi Effect® with family and friends and in my private practice, having received overwhelming positive feedback for a range of acute and chronic symptoms, relationships, finances and over-all well-being.


Present Holistic Health Practitioner, Mendocino College

Research Interests



Office Management and Procedures, Mendocino College