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"Takin' It to the Web": Updating Operations Manuals for Today's Techno-Realities
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  • Kathleen Spring, Linfield College
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Inspired by Chelle Batchelor's "Training Technologies A-Zed" presentation from the 2010 NWILL conference, Kathleen Spring was determined to update the out-of-date operations manual for Linfield College's interlibrary loan (ILL) department while simultaneously morphing it into a more user-friendly training tool and moving it to a web-based system. For those who haven't yet made the leap to web-based training tools for ILL, this presentation offers one example of what you can do to improve the training experience for your employees. Using Blackboard Learn as the content management system to house materials, this presentation demonstrates: how to leverage existing content from other departments to maximize efficiency how to use web-authoring tools like Softchalk™ to create interactive learning materials that reinforce concepts and also serve as reference materials for those less-frequent processes how to incorporate wikis, short videos/screencasts, and evaluation mechanisms.

This presentation was given at the 10th Annual NWILL conference, held at Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon.

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Kathleen Spring. ""Takin' It to the Web": Updating Operations Manuals for Today's Techno-Realities" (2011)
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