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Examining the Play-Literacy Interface: A Critical Review and Future Directions
Children's play: The roots of reading (2004)
  • Kathleen A. Roskos, John Carroll University
  • James Christie

In this paper, we review the recent empirical research that assumes an emergent literacy stance in examining relationships between play and literacy. At this point in the play-literacy line of inquiry, such a review is both timely and useful for several reasons. To conduct the review of research, we have chosen to use a critical analysis approach, which treats research reports as texts subject to critical reading (Jupp, 1996). In this respect, we depart from the more typical technical evaluation of studies and meta-analyses, which focus on the integrity of research design, the validity of statistical findings, and effect sizes. Our emphasis rather is on analyzing the definitions, explanations, and solutions put forth as conceptualizations and to challenge them, not only for what is said, but for what is not said. This cultivates understanding out of which critical points emerge that chart the way for further productive research work. We begin with a brief overview of the beginnings of the play-literacy line of inquiry, then turn to the critical analysis of studies conducted during the past decade, and conclude with our interpretation, which we hope assesses the research situation clearly and honestly and informs future research on this important topic

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Edward F. Zigler, Dorothy G. Singer, Sandra J. Bishop-Josef
Zero To Three Press
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Kathleen A. Roskos and James Christie. "Examining the Play-Literacy Interface: A Critical Review and Future Directions" Washington, DCChildren's play: The roots of reading (2004)
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