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An Evaluation of a Holistic Program for at-Risk Teens and Their Parents
Contemporary Family Therapy
  • Kathleen A. Moore, University of South Florida
  • M. Scott Young, University of South Florida
  • John M Weir, University of South Florida
  • Ezra Ochshorn, University of South Florida
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  • holistic program,
  • family functioning,
  • adolescent behavioral problems
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Increasing evidence indicates that adolescent behavior problems are related to family functioning. In general, findings have demonstrated the family’s critical role in facilitating developmental outcomes. This study evaluated a 6-week holistic program for at-risk teens and their parents entitled Creating a Responsible Thinker at baseline, post-test, and 3-month follow-up. Results demonstrated gender differences in the program’s effects on self-efficacy, specifically increased self-efficacy for females and reduced self-efficacy among males. Follow-up results suggested that teens reported better communication with their parents. These results underscore the appropriateness of a family-based approach to treatment for at-risk teens and their parents.

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Contemporary Family Therapy, v. 29, issue 3, p. 129-145

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Kathleen A. Moore, M. Scott Young, John M Weir and Ezra Ochshorn. "An Evaluation of a Holistic Program for at-Risk Teens and Their Parents" Contemporary Family Therapy Vol. 29 Iss. 3 (2007) p. 129 - 145
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