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Physicians' Predictions of Elderly Outpatients' Preferences for Life-Sustaining Treatment
Journal of Family Practice
  • Jennifer A Druley, Kent State University
  • Peter H Ditto, Kent State University
  • Kathleen A. Moore, Kent State University
  • Joseph H Danks, Kent State University
  • Aloen Townsend, Kent State University
  • William D Smucker, Summa Health System
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  • professional experience & length of relationship with patient & direct feedback,
  • accuracy of predictions of patient preferences for life sustaining treatment,
  • physicians & elderly patients

13 resident and 4 faculty physicians predicted the life-sustaining treatment preferences of 57 patients (aged 65+ yrs) and then interviewed patients regarding their actual treatment preferences. Physicians' professional experience, length of their relationship with the patient, and experience with direct feedback were measured to determine the association of these factors with the accuracy of the physicians' predictions. Physicians became more accurate predictors as they interviewed more patients and received direct feedback regarding the accuracy of their predictions. Residents were more accurate than faculty in predicting patients' preferences.

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Journal of Family Practice, v. 37, issue 5, p. 469-475

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Jennifer A Druley, Peter H Ditto, Kathleen A. Moore, Joseph H Danks, et al.. "Physicians' Predictions of Elderly Outpatients' Preferences for Life-Sustaining Treatment" Journal of Family Practice Vol. 37 Iss. 5 (1993) p. 469 - 475
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