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Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Workbook
Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Workbook
  • W. Michael Hunt, University of South Florida
  • Kathleen A. Moore, University of South Florida
  • Chad Matthews, University of South Florida
  • Laura Pape, University of South Florida
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Technical Report
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The co-occurring disorders treatment manual and its companion client workbook were created over a period of several months through the efforts of a working group comprised of substance abuse treatment practitioners and researchers affiliated with the Tampa PIC/Suncoast Practice and Research Collaborative project. The manual was field tested in several treatment agencies in the Tampa Bay area and was then refined through feedback received by practitioners and clients regarding the manual’s utility, ease of comprehension, and perceived relevance of the material to their needs.

Based on the overwhelming number of requests by both counselors and clients, this client workbook was created to contain much of the same material that the manual does. Both clients and counselors believed that it would be beneficial for the clients to have information to refer to between groups and to have access to the case stories and exercises to review and complete on their own if necessary. As a result, the main text, case stories, tables, summaries, and exercises appear in both the manual and workbook. The questions, counselor notes and directions, scoring protocols for the assessments at the end of the mental health oriented chapters, and the medication charts have been omitted from the client workbook in an attempt to insure that the more technical information is discussed in the groups (i.e., with a trained counselor) rather than left for review by the clients on their own.

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Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Workbook, 112 p.

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W. Michael Hunt, Kathleen A. Moore, Chad Matthews and Laura Pape. "Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Workbook" Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Workbook (2002)
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