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About Kathleen Lavoie

Kathleen Lavoie is a Professor of Biology. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She came to PSU in 1997 to serve as Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, a position she held for 17 years. In 2013 she returned to full time teaching, which has always been the part of the job that gives her the most satisfaction. Despite being a full time administrator, she taught a class every semester and remained active with her scholarship. Her teaching has included Immunology, Microbiology, Communicating Biology, and a wide range of topics courses including Bats, Cave Biology, Epidemic!, Microbial Ecology, Galapagos Biology, and Pathology.

Her research interests are broad. She has been active in the study of organisms in caves, taking students every Summer for a research trip to Mammoth Cave. She specializes in the study of microbes in caves, cave crickets, and bats. She has published or in press ten book chapters and 30 refereed research articles. Lavoie serves as an Associate Editor for Microbiology for the Journal of Cave and Karst Studies and reviews manuscripts for journals including Geomicrobiology Journal, Microbial Ecology, and the International Journal of Speleology, and Cave Research Foundation and NSF Grant proposals. She gives many professional presentations at conferences, often with student co-authors, and speaks informally about Biology. Lavoie has received the Science Award from the National Speleological Society, the Frederica Hollister Award for Women Educators from Delta Kappa Gamma International, and a Student Association Award for Outstanding Service.


Present Professor, Biological Sciences, SUNY Plattsburgh


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