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Opening Pandoraʼs Stream: Piping Music into the Information Literacy Classroom
Public Services Quarterly
  • Kathleen Langan, Western Michigan University
  • Dianna E Sachs, Western Michigan University
Document Type
Peer-Reviewed Article
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Although it is well known that music can affect cognitive processes, little research has been conducted examining the influence of background music on students in information literacy classrooms. In 2010, librarians at Western Michigan University investigated the effect of background music on student engagement and retention of information literacy concepts. This article examines the theory and practical applications of background music to improve a classroom atmosphere and its impact on students’ learning. Results from this qualitative and quantitative study indicate positive correlations between background music and student comfort, confidence, and retention. DOI: 10.1080/15228959.2013.785876

Pre-print available with the permission of Taylor & Francis publisher.

Published Citation
Langan, K. & Sachs, D.E. (2013) Opening Pandoraʼs stream: Piping music into the information literacy classroom. Public Services Quarterly, 9(2).
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Kathleen Langan and Dianna E Sachs. "Opening Pandoraʼs Stream: Piping Music into the Information Literacy Classroom" Public Services Quarterly Vol. 9 Iss. 2 (2013) ISSN: 1522-8959
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