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Move Over, Descartes! Neuroscience Says You’re Wrong.
Adult Education Research Conference
  • Kathleen Taylor, Saint Mary's College of California
  • Catherine Marienau, DePaul University
Submission Purpose
Main Conference
Submission Purpose
Main Conference
Type of Proposal
Paper: Theorizing from the literature

Recent discoveries in neuroscience—“we feel, therefore we learn”—contradict Descartes’ rejection of the body’s role in thinking. This presentation examines implications for adult learning.

  • neuroscience and adult learning,
  • embodied learning,
  • emotion and learning,
  • analogical learning
Creative Commons License
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.0
Citation Information
Kathleen Taylor and Catherine Marienau. "Move Over, Descartes! Neuroscience Says You’re Wrong." (2018)
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