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Learning to think differently before mastering a new way to teach academic literacy skills
Education Today (2015)
  • Kathie Ardzejewska, The University of Notre Dame Australia
  • William Campbell, Austrlain College of Physical Education
  • Michelle Gorzanelli, Australian College of Physical Education
Whilst many institutions are grappling with a changing student body, the Australian College of Physical Education has long defined itself as a place of ‘second chances’. This means that many students commence their tertiary studies with a number of gaps, especially in literacy levels. This paper outlines how the work of three academics in the area of health changed over time in response to student performance, institutional practices and collaboration with literacy specialists. The journey began from a position where, we as academics saw ourselves as responsible only for inducting students into academic discourse to the point where we now see ourselves as teachers of academic literacies. On reflection it appears that we have progressed through the three overlapping models of study skills, academic socialization and academic literacies identified by Lea and Street (2006). Using this pedagogical framework, we recount how our identity and the work we now do have changed. We argue that this transformation has made us better ‘teachers’.
  • academic literacies,
  • first year experience,
  • academic work
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Kathie Ardzejewska, William Campbell and Michelle Gorzanelli. "Learning to think differently before mastering a new way to teach academic literacy skills" Education Today Vol. 65 Iss. 1 (2015) p. 17 - 24
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