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Virtuality and Team Performance: Understanding the Impact of Variety of Practices
Journal of Global Information Technology Management
  • Mei Lu, Intel Corporation
  • Mary Beth Watson-Manheim, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Katherine M. Chudoba, Utah State University
  • Eleanor Wynn, Intel Corporation
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Ivy League Publishing
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In this study conducted at Intel Corporation, the authors examine how different components of virtuality influence specific aspects of performance of virtual teams. Both quantitative and qualitative data are used for analysis. The findings indicate that variety of practice creates significant negative influence on several aspects of performance, including communication and trust in team members, and ability to meet commitments and complete projects on time. Also, members experiencing more variety of practice perceived less risk-taking in their teams and less ability to focus the team on the right questions for the projects being undertaken.
Originally published by Ivy League Publishing. Abstract available through remote link. Subscription required to access article fulltext.
Citation Information
Lu, M., Watson-Manheim, M. B., Chudoba, K., Wynn, E. (2006). How Does Virtuality Affect Team Performance in a Global Organization? Understanding the Impact of Variety of Practices. Journal of Global Information Technology Management, 9(1), 4-23.