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Conflict, learning, and frustration: a dynamic model of conflict over time
  • Matthew A. Cronin
  • Katerina Bezrukova, Santa Clara University
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A continuing question in the study of conflict and conflict management is, "When is conflict helpful, and when is it harmful?" Though many have offered explanations for this (Jehn, Northcraft, & Neale, 1999), data in support of these notions have been less forthcoming, especially in relation to the helpfulness of conflict (De Dreu & Weingart, 2003). In this paper we 2 present a dynamic model of conflict that we hope will both explain and clarify the confusion by conceptualizing conflict as simultaneously containing helpful (learning related) and harmful (negative sentiment related) components. We argue how both learning and negative emotion can inhibit or promote future conflict, constituting feedback loops. We then examine what this implies for conflict over time in terms of the efficacy of collaboration between parties who experience conflict.
2006 - The 19th Annual Conference of the IACM, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Dates: June 25- June 28, 2006 Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Matthew A. Cronin and Katerina Bezrukova. "Conflict, learning, and frustration: a dynamic model of conflict over time" (2006)
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