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Draft 1: Thesis - Gossip, Exclusion, Competition, Spite
  • Katelyn E Brownlee, University of Tennessee - Knoxville
The glass ceiling has been defined as the impenetrable force that keeps women and minorities out of executive corner offices by excluding them from the “ old boys club,” the network of men who dominate the upper echelons of business (Callahan & Tomaszewski, 2007). Despite the growing number of female professionals, modern statistics tell a story of sex inequality and male-dominance across all disciplines; providing agency to the purveying thought of feminist scholars that the glass ceiling exists and endures to this day (Hon, 1995). This study examines the nature of female-to-female relationships within the workforce to ascertain what inter-group dynamics may contribute to the enduring glass ceiling. Using a long interview qualitative study, research suggests that indirect social aggression is a part of the organizational experience and therefore may be a contributing factor to the lack of upward progression by women.
  • relational aggression,
  • organizational communication,
  • evolutionary theory,
  • glass ceiling
Publication Date
Spring May 1, 2013
First draft of thesis for thesis consultant Sarah Stone
Citation Information
Katelyn E Brownlee. "Draft 1: Thesis - Gossip, Exclusion, Competition, Spite" (2013)
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