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Stance: Journal of Choreographic Culture (2012)
  • Kate Walker, Boise State University
A whole football field of queer people, hula hooping in formation, moving in unison, individuals involved in a mass action together. This was my initial vision for this project. Early video art in the 1960’s was often used to document political events, ephemeral moments, and transient communities. New technology had turned its lens against mainstream media, and made room at the dinner table for alternate voices. What does a queer aesthetic look like in 2010? How can queer community and art come together in relation to specific locations and current issues? These are some of the questions asked by this project. What kind of subversion does simply the presence of a queer community present to mainstream society even today?
Publication Date
October 19, 2012
Citation Information
Kate Walker. "HOOP" Stance: Journal of Choreographic Culture (2012)
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