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About Dr Kate Reid

Kate Reid, BA, BSc(Hons), MPsych, PhD Melb, MSc (Applied Statistics) Swinburne, is a Research Fellow at ACER. Kate completed her MPsych/PhD at the University of Melbourne undertaking research into the development of preschool children’s understanding of numerical concepts. She has worked as a researcher in multiple fields, including quantitative and qualitative research projects in areas that include evaluations of government initiatives and community-based programs, and academic research in the area of medical education. She has specialist expertise in quantitative analysis and has extensive expertise managing and analysing large, complex datasets. In addition, she has designed and conducted training programs for professionals in data quality issues.
Kate is an active researcher in the field of medical education and has co-authored a number of recent papers focussing on areas such as the academic performance of graduate medical students, diagnostic reasoning, and learning examination skills.
Kate has taught extensively in Victorian universities at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Her teaching experience includes designing and delivering: undergraduate psychology lab classes, research methods courses for social workers, postgraduate statistics and SPSS courses, and an organisational behaviour lecture series.


Present Research Fellow, Teaching and Learning, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

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Australian Council for Educational Research
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t: 03 9277 5551
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