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About Katherine Elkins

Katherine Elkins is founder and director of the Comparative World Literature Program and teaches in both Comparative World Literature and the Integrated Program in Humane Studies. She has won numerous teaching awards, most recently Kenyon’s Senior Faculty Trustee Teaching Award.
Her many lectures on French literature and the modern novel are available on, and her essays have appeared in Comparative Literature Studies, Modern Language Quarterly, Modernism/Modernity, Discourse and The French Review. She is editor of an upcoming volume of the Oxford Studies in Literature and Philosophy on Proust and has just recently completed a book manuscript entitled The Literary Sublime. Her most recent project explores the intersection of japonisme and the modernist novel. She also teaches and writes about digital humanities.


Present Associate Professor of Comparative Literature and Humanities, Kenyon College Integrated Program in Humane Studies

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Contact Information

P: (740) 427-5125
Timberlake House 01


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