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Knowledge as a Service Framework for Disaster Data Management
The 22nd IEEE WETICE conference
  • Katarina Grolinger, Western University
  • Emna Mezghani
  • Miriam AM Capretz, Western University
  • Ernesto Exposito
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Each year, a number of natural disasters strike across the globe, killing hundreds and causing billions of dollars in property and infrastructure damage. Minimizing the impact of disasters is imperative in today’s society. As the capabilities of software and hardware evolve, so does the role of information and communication technology in disaster mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery. A large quantity of disaster-related data is available, including response plans, records of previous incidents, simulation data, social media data, and Web sites. However, current data management solutions offer few or no integration capabilities. Moreover, recent advances in cloud computing, big data, and NoSQL open the door for new solutions in disaster data management. In this paper, a Knowledge as a Service (KaaS) framework is proposed for disaster cloud data management (Disaster-CDM), with the objectives of 1) storing large amounts of disaster-related data from diverse sources, 2) facilitating search, and 3) supporting their interoperability and integration. Data are stored in a cloud environment using a combination of relational and NoSQL databases. The case study presented in this paper illustrates the use of Disaster-CDM on an example of simulation models.


DOI: 10.1109/WETICE.2013.48


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Katarina Grolinger, Emna Mezghani, Miriam AM Capretz and Ernesto Exposito. "Knowledge as a Service Framework for Disaster Data Management" The 22nd IEEE WETICE conference (2013) p. 313 - 318
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