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The C Terminus of Apolipoprotein A-V Modulates Lipid-Binding Activity
The Journal of Biological Chemistry (2007)
  • J. A. Beckstead
  • Kasuen Wong, University of California - Berkeley
  • V. Gupta
  • C. P. Wan
  • V. R. Cook
  • R. B. Weinberg
  • P. M. Weers
  • R. O. Ryan, University of California - Berkeley

Human apolipoprotein A-V (apoA-V) is a potent modulator of plasma triacylglycerol (TG) levels. To probe different regions of this 343-amino-acid protein, four single Trp apoA-V variants were prepared. The variant with a Trp at position 325, distal to the tetraproline sequence at residues 293–296, displayed an 11-nm blue shift in wavelength of maximum fluorescence emission upon lipid association. To evaluate the structural and functional role of this C-terminal segment, a truncated apoA-V comprising amino acids 1–292 was generated. Far UV circular dichroism spectra of full-length apoA-V and apoA-V-(1–292) were similar, with ∼50% α-helix content. In guanidine HCl denaturation experiments, both full-length and truncated apoA-V yielded biphasic profiles consistent with the presence of two structural domains. The denaturation profile of the lower stability component (but not the higher stability component) was affected by truncation. Truncated apoA-V displayed an attenuated ability to solubilize L-α-dimyristoylphosphatidylcholine phospholipid vesicles compared with full-length apoA-V, whereas a peptide corresponding to the deleted C-terminal segment displayed markedly enhanced kinetics. The data support the concept that the C-terminal region is not required for apoA-V to adopt a folded protein structure, yet functions to modulate apoA-V lipid-binding activity; therefore, this concept may be relevant to the mechanism whereby apoA-V influences plasma TG levels.

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J. A. Beckstead, Kasuen Wong, V. Gupta, C. P. Wan, et al.. "The C Terminus of Apolipoprotein A-V Modulates Lipid-Binding Activity" The Journal of Biological Chemistry Vol. 282 (2007)
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