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PSY 7670 - Literature Reviews, Spring 2008
Psychology - OCW
  • Karl White, Utah State University
  • M. Harrison Fitt, Utah State University
  • Tom Caswell, Utah State University
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This course is designed to help students in doctoral programs write a literature review that is appropriate for a dissertation or thesis proposal. The course will emphasize skills for writing the Problem Statement and conducting and writing the Review of Literature. Even though the Procedures section is an important part of the dissertation proposal, it will not be dealt with extensively in this class. Other courses which deal specifically with the appropriate design, analysis, and interpretation issues which the student will use for his or her research should be taken prior to this course. Substantial time will be devoted to critiquing previously written Literature Reviews as a way of helping the student understand what differentiates between a well-written and poorly-written literature review.

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Karl White, M. Harrison Fitt and Tom Caswell. "PSY 7670 - Literature Reviews, Spring 2008" (2008)
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