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Religion and Politics in the United States:Challenging One Way Discussion
St. Mary’s University College (2012)
  • Karin Fry, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
What are conservatives and liberals saying about church and state in America and is there any common ground between them? How can philosophical thinking help? Dr Karin Fry will discuss current popular arguments in the American media “culture war” in order to dispel myths and stereotypes propagated by the opposing sides. She will also trace the history of ideas concerning religion and politics to show how the philosophical roots of both the Religious Right and the Secular Left in the United States are intertwined. She will document the lack of adequate dialogue in American politics and use philosophical thinking to determine actual conceptual similarities and differences between these opponents.
Publication Date
November 28, 2012
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Karin Fry. "Religion and Politics in the United States:Challenging One Way Discussion" St. Mary’s University College (2012)
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