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If u txt 2 much, duz it mean u cant spell? Exploring the Connection Between SMS Use and Lowered Performance in Spelling
The International Journal of the Book (2010)
  • Karin Bartoszuk, East Tennessee State University
  • Rosalind Raymond Gann, East Tennessee State University
  • Jillian H. Anderson, Greeneville City Schools
This study examined possible association between the frequency of texting, the use of SMS short forms and accuracy in spelling. Its purpose was to test whether there is factual basis for assertions about lowered spelling performance frequently found in the popular press. Study participants were 62 undergraduate students at a large regional university and 44 persons from the surrounding community. All participants were native speakers of English. Those participating were asked to complete a questionnaire concerning their texting practices and associated use of short forms while texting. A 30-item spelling assessment was administered. Results showed no significant difference in spelling performance between those who texted and/or used short forms while texting and those who did not. Frequency of texting and use of SMS short forms revealed no statistically significant main or interaction effects on the number of correctly spelled words.
  • spelling capability,
  • texting,
  • frequency of texting,
  • use of texting short forms,
  • college sample,
  • community sample,
  • discourse,
  • texting discourse
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Gann, R. & Bartoszuk, K. (2010). If u txt 2 much, duz it mean u cant spell? Exploring the connection between SMS use and lowered performance in spelling. The International Journal of the Book, 7(2), 69-78. Link to Full Text: