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Principles of Child Rearing: The Challenge of Being a Parent/Caregiver.
  • Karin Bartoszuk, East Tennessee State University
Of all the jobs in the world, raising children may be the trickiest. Children are often hard to understand. They seem impossible to control. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, it seems that everything we do is wrong.
No one can make child rearing easy. But by learning more about children and their needs and by talking to other parents, we can learn how to make us more effective. With this information we hope to help you find ways to be more effective. We also hope you will talk with other parents/caregivers who can give you good ideas.
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Publication Date
This publication have been adapted for use with a Native American population with permission from Auburn University, and will be used for  parenting classes for the Building Connections Program on Standing Rock Reservation.

Publisher Statement: This work is published with permission by North Dakota State University and was obtained from the following URL:

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Bartoszuk, K. (2003). Principles of Child Rearing: The challenge of being a parent/caregiver.
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